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Aluminum Pulley

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Aluminum pulley

Aluminum timing pulleys are also considered lightweight. They have moderate inertia control, and display excellent wear characteristics,They are mechanically durable

Detailed Product Description:

Aluminium body, surface with chrome ceramic coating
2. High hardness
3. Excellent wear resistance
4. Long service life

Corrosion Resistance

Specially formulated, aluminum pulley is highly resistance to attack by corrosion problems(chemical contents used in processing of wire drawing).


Specially formulated, aluminum pulley is the most man-made material for wear applications such as wire drawing capstans.

Surface Finish

The superior surface by high polish processing result in high quality of the drawn wire plus extended die life.


Machining, Mining Accessories, Machinery Accessoried, Truck Parts, Auto Parts, Industrial Parts, etc



Accurate transmission Balance Low noise No slip
Multi-axis transmission Oil resistant Moisture proof No lubrication required
Safety & Eco-frindly Wide range of applications Support customization


The web of the pulley and the hub are designed for strength, material savings, and cost savings. For some nylon pulley profiles, an aluminum web is used to eliminate deflection, increase strength and minimize the potential for deformation during the cooling cycle after molding. Nylon timing pulleys can be supplied as all plastic or plastic with an over molded metal insert. These metal inserts can be provided using aluminum, steel and stainless steel and can be keyed, broached, splined or have set screws just like a solid aluminum or steel pulley.

More products

We also offer other mechanical products, such as gears, rack / gearbox / spline shafts, pulleys, etc.for more information, please contact us and look forward to your visit







process introduction

-Integrated the advantages of forging and die casting.
-Parts forming under vacuum & high pressure conditions.
-Parts are made with very high density, very strong strength & hardness after T6.

Aluminum Lightweight Production–Squeeze casting
We have developed the process of squeeze casting successfully. After T6 treatment, parts will be same level of strength and hardness as forging, but not need so much machining jobs, then finally realized the high strength and light weight of production.

-Roughness of parts are as same as the die casting.
-Precision with no more machining for some complex structure

The products are mainly used on 3C industry,lighting decoration,electrical appliances,auto parts,furniture parts,electric tool,medicalequipment, intelligent automation equipment and so on.

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*We have our own R&D team for technical support.
*Equipped with advanced inspection facilities and professional inspectors.
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Our company is the manufacturer for various Metal castings with over 10 years’ experience. Our products are widely applied in Agriculture machinery, Machine tool, Aumobile industry, Railway, Aircraft industry, Shipping and Engineering.